Campaigning for important changes! #ChangingPlaces

Campaigning for important changes! #ChangingPlaces

Because of my daughter I see the world through different eyes, she does not speak but she has plenty to say. I am her support. I am her voice. Together we can help make a change.

My daughter Olivia is 5 due to complications at birth she suffers from a neurological disorder known as Periventricular leukomalacia, more commonly known – her brain damage has caused Cerebral palsy. She can not support herself sitting, standing, eating, playing or with incontinence.

Picture this – You’ve decided to go out for the day, you’ve packed your children’s Essentials everybody’s really excited. Whilst out you notice not everywhere is equipped for your family’s needs. Some places don’t have adequate wheelchair adaptions, spaces are small and you repeatedly bump into objects.

People stare.

Then a certain aroma hits you and your child needs changing so you head off to the toilets. You feel a little apprehensive, you have two options…Baby changing room with a changing table (it won’t hold your child’s weight). The second option is disabled toilets usually bigger and easier to manoeuvre but the only choice is the floor!

You look down at your precious baby & you feel sick their immune system isn’t great at the best of times, An immune system that saw her be admitted to hospital with an ear infection and ended in two critical seizures. You brace yourself and lay down your changing mat on the floor.

The toilet floor that according to latest reports over the space of an hour can accumulate 500,000 bacteria cells per square inch.


A tear rolls down your cheek, you feel as if you’ve been failed as if you’re not as important as the child in the toilet next door.

Changing Places toilets what, why, where?

Changing places association launched its campaign in 2006 on behalf of people who can not use standard accessible toilets. Over 1/4 million people require these facilities despite this there are only 1070 across the UK. Why so few? It shouldn’t be a matter of cost when it comes to providing facilities for disabled people but it is. A changing places toilet can cost between £12,000 – £15,000 they’re certainly not “cheap” yet compare that with some people’s weekly salary combined with basic human rights it’s shocking and saddening Money is an issue.

According to the most recent consensus, 18.64% of Stockport’s population are disabled with 8.44% classed as severely limited. Yet there is only ONE changing places toilet in the entire town.

Changing places toilets should be everywhere able-bodied people expect to use the toilet

Please sign the petition & share this information. Spread the message that everybody should be treated equally.

  • Ritu Kaur BP

    Why there aren’t more accessible facilities I don’t know…

    • Unfortunately it’s a combination of ignorance & money! Hopefully I can help make a difference.

  • Angela Noel

    Reading your story makes such a powerful impression. I signed the petition and donated a bit to help spread the word. I know I’m far away in the US, but making Stockport more accessible can be a start to helping more places find ways to invest for all families.

    • Thank you so much I really appreciate it! Starting small and hopefully the word for how important they are will spread

  • Your story tugs at my heart. I love that you’re trying to make a change for the greater good. I hope you accomplish your goal. 🙂