Induction, Stitches and Nicu : My birth story 

Induction, Stitches and Nicu : My birth story 

19th August 2015 – 8 days old

When we discovered Sofiya had suffered a perinatal stroke in her occipital lobe, we were shocked, to say the least. I had always associated having a stroke with older people. Discovering it’s common for a newborn baby to suffer from one left me completely dumbfounded.

The Consultant pulled Me and Michael to one side and walked us into the same room we had received Olivia’s diagnoses just four years prior. I remember bracing myself for life altering news. I was whispering to myself this is it Nicole she’s going to die I was in such shock & numbing fear, it was surreal as if no time had passed since Olivia. My hearing seemed muffled and I couldn’t comprehend what I was being told. Stroke! My baby had a stroke!?! 

We left that room two completely different people.

Just 9 days prior and we were your typical parents to be Excited yet nervous at what lay ahead.

Having an Emergency section last time I was adamant When I found outI was pregnant with Sofiya I would go to the nice calming birth centre that would have the right mix of medical and homely. Unfortunately, I needed to be induced as Sofiya hadn’t grown since our previous scan (due to my medical history I was having scans fortnightly) I had never heard of a foley induction but I was reassured it was the best option for both me and baby.

24 hours later I couldn’t agree it. Honestly? It was the worst experience of labour, Maybe that’s due to fact it was inserted wrong the first time! Which left me in pain I’d rather forget. After a nice hot bath which definitely eased things I managed to fall asleep. 

I was taken to the delivery suite the next morning where my waters were broken & labour began shortly afterwards.I was given an Epidural block and a spinal block as well as having gas and air, for reasons unbeknownst to us it took longer than usual for them to kick in.

A few hours passed, a couple of physical exams later discovered I had an infection which is common however due to sofiya becoming distressed a decision was made that I needed assistance, either assisted birth or Caesarean.

I was prepped for worst case scenario (Caesarean) and taken to the surgical theatre. Anxiety kicked in and I was terrified of past history repeating itself, I was taken to surgery alone as Your partner has to wait until they pretty much begin to be let in. Luckily I had a really nice midwife who had read my notes & understood my Anxiety. She was amazing! 

Sofiya was born via forceps weighing 6lbs 2oz due to a traumatic delivery she was struggling to breathe and needed assistance she was immediately taken to NICU and again I was left without holding or seeing my baby.

She remained in scbu for three weeks. During which she struggled with feeding and needed a ng tube. Jaundice followed and she required light therapy. Thankfully it was a pretty smooth road from then.

Sofiya Finally came home 24th Aug – 13 days old.

We still don’t know if Sofiya will have any lasting damage to her health in the long term. We were told it may affect her eyesight it may not, it may affect her coordination it may not. She may suffer from behaviour problems, she may not. The Early checks up she passed with flying colours which were extremely thankful for.

One thing is for sure she’s a right little character, the funniest, cheekiest little girl. Who is so incredibly caring and loving.